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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Dragunity Legion Structure Deck
Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time Movie
Magic: Scars of Mirrodin Block
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Series
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

singles & decks

bonds beyond
time 3D singles

Scars of
Mirrodin Block
Besieged Scars

call of

wow icecrown

A Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire Edition - House Targaryen Starter Deck (50 cards)FEATURED! A GAME OF THRONES: ICE AND FIRE EDITION - HOUSE TARGARYEN STARTER DECK (50 CARDS) house targaryen as house targaryen, you excel at removing your opponents' characters from play, clearing an easy path to vicotry. with the sheer overwhelming destructive f ... more info. Price: $3.99
Yugioh! Official Rulebook Version 6.0SUPER HOT PRICE! YUGIOH! OFFICIAL RULEBOOK VERSION 6.0 in ancient egypt there existed a force so powerful, it had to be locked away for a millennia. now one boy has released the power! it's time to duel! get the latest yu-g ... more info. Price: $0.49
Magic: Seventh 7th Edition Bomber Theme Deck (40 cards)BEST SELLER! MAGIC: SEVENTH 7TH EDITION BOMBER THEME DECK (40 CARDS) advanced level. in this strategy game, you play with decks of illustrated cards instead of a board. these collectable cards represent magical spells and fantastic creature ... more info. Price: $3.99
The King of Fighters 2006 and Samurai Shodown 5: UFS Flames of Fame Booster Pack (10 cards)BEST SELLER! THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2006 AND SAMURAI SHODOWN 5: UFS FLAMES OF FAME BOOSTER PACK (10 CARDS) save 10% when you buy 3 or more! flames of fame 10-card booster pack for the king of fighters 2006 and samurai shodown ccg . use these booster packs to train any figh ... more info. Price: $0.99
"Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude" gives you a glimpse of the future by revealing the top card of your Deck. A Normal Spell Card gets sent to your Graveyard and you can use it from there next turn! Build your Deck with lots of Normal Spell Cards that damage your opponent, like "Meteor of Destruction". You'll quickly eliminate your opponent's Life Points. - click here for another Dueling Tip.
Top 10 Best Selling Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
Yugioh: Royal Command (C) GLD1-EN042 (Limited Edition)#1: ROYAL COMMAND (C) GLD1-EN042 (LIMITED EDITION)
From the Gold Series 1 to 3 series
Yugioh: Light Imprisoning Mirror (C) GLAS-EN069 (Unlimited Edition)#2: LIGHT IMPRISONING MIRROR (C) GLAS-EN069 (UNLIMITED EDITION)
From the Gladiator's Assault series
Yugioh: Nobleman Eater Bug (C) DR3-EN030 (Unlimited Edition)#3: NOBLEMAN EATER BUG (C) DR3-EN030 (UNLIMITED EDITION)
From the Dark Revelation 1 to 4 series
Yugioh: Stygian Dirge (C) SOVR-EN078 (Unlimited Edition)#4: STYGIAN DIRGE (C) SOVR-EN078 (UNLIMITED EDITION)
From the Stardust Overdrive series
Yugioh: Key Mouse (C) TSHD-EN036 (1st Edition)#5: KEY MOUSE (C) TSHD-EN036 (1ST EDITION)
From the The Shining Darkness series
Yugioh: Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow (C) RGBT-EN012 (Unlimited Edition)#6: BLACKWING - KALUT THE MOON SHADOW (C) RGBT-EN012 (UNLIMITED EDITION)
From the Raging Battle series
Yugioh: Sea Koala (C) PTDN-EN037 (1st Edition)#7: SEA KOALA (C) PTDN-EN037 (1ST EDITION)
From the Phantom Darkness series
Yugioh: Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame (C) GLD3-EN025 (Limited Edition)#8: BLACKWING - SHURA THE BLUE FLAME (C) GLD3-EN025 (LIMITED EDITION)
From the Gold Series 1 to 3 series
Yugioh: Blackwing - Bora the Spear (C) CRMS-EN009 (Unlimited Edition)#9: BLACKWING - BORA THE SPEAR (C) CRMS-EN009 (UNLIMITED EDITION)
From the Crimson Crisis series
Yugioh: Instant Fusion (C) CDIP-EN040 (1st Edition)#10: INSTANT FUSION (C) CDIP-EN040 (1ST EDITION)
From the Cyberdark Impact series
Complete List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Singles
>3D Bnds Beynd Tme
>5D's Starter
>5D's Starter 2009
>Absolute Powerfrce
>Ancient Prophecy
>Ancient Sanctuary
>Aster Phoenix
>Blaze of Destruction
>Chazz Princeton
>Crimson Crisis
>Crossroads of Chaos
>Cyberdark Impact
>Cybernetic Revol
>Dark Beginning
>Dark Crisis
>Dark Emperor
>Dark Legends
>Dark Revelation
>Dinosaur's Rage
>Dragon's Roar
>Dragunity Legion
>Duelist Revolution
>Duelist Toolbox
>Elemental Energy
>Enemy of Justice
>Exclusive Promos
>Flaming Eternity
>Force of Breaker
>Fury from the Deep
>Gladiator's Assault
>God Cards
>Gold Series
>GX Starter
>Hidden Arsenal
>Invasion of Chaos
>Invincible Fortress
>Jaden Starter
>Jaden Yuki
>Jaden Yuki 2
>Jaden Yuki 3
>Jesse Anderson
>Joey Starter
>Kaiba Duelist
>Kaiba Evolution
>Kaiba Starter
>Labyr of Nightmare
>Legacy of Darkness
>Legend Blue-Eyes
>Light of Destruction
>Lord of the Storm
>Machina Mayhem
>Machine Re-Volt
>Magic Ruler
>Magician's Force
>Marik Structure
>Metal Raiders
>Movie Exclusive
>Pegasus Starter
>Phantom Darkness
>Pharaoh's Servant
>Pharaonic Guardian
>Power of the Duelist
>Premium Pack
>Raging Battle
>Retro Pack
>Rise Dragon Lords
>Rise of Destiny
>Shadow of Infinity
>Soul of the Duelist
>Spellcaster's Comnd
>Spellcaster's Judgm
>Stardust Overdrive
>Starstrike Blast
>Storm of Ragnarok
>Strike of Neos
>Syrus Starter
>Tactical Evolution
>The Duelist Genesis >The Lost Millennm
>The Shining Drkness
>Tin Exclusive
>Tournament Pack
>Warrior's Strike
>Warrior's Triumph
>Yugi Duelist
>Yugi Evolution
>Yugi Starter
>Yusei Duelist
>Yusei 2 Duelist
>Yusei 3 Duelist
>Zane Truesdale
>Zombie Madness
>Zombie World
Top 10 Trading Card Games
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game#1: YU-GI-OH! TRADING CARD GAME - The main battles are waged between incredible monsters, each with their own unique skills.
Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game#2: MAGIC: THE GATHERING TRADING CARD GAME - Cast powerful spells, command vicious creatures, and lay down a total beatdown.
Pokemon Trading Card Game#3: POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME - Do you have the skills to be the very best? Challenge a friend to the Pokemon trading card game and find out!
Stargate Trading Card Game#4: STARGATE TRADING CARD GAME - Step through the Gate and expand your strategies in the Stargate Trading Card Game. Guide a team on journeys to other worlds, overcoming obstacles, defeating adversaries, and completing missions. All the adventure and fun of the hit television series is here to enjoy!
Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game#5: DRAGON BALL COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME - Prepare to continue your martial arts training to gain super strength and speed with the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game. Learn to control your chi energy and learn various techniques like Kamehameha, Kaio-ken or Genki Dama. You'll have to battle androids, cyborgs and aliens in your pursuit to become more powerful. Who is the strongest warrior in the universe? Is it you?
MLB Showdown Sports Card Game#6: MLB SHOWDOWN SPORTS CARD GAME - The anthem’s been sung, the ceremonial first pitch delivered—now it’s time to play ball!
Marvel VS System Trading Card Game#7: MARVEL VS SYSTEM TRADING CARD GAME - Upper Deck Entertainment brings the characters of the Marvel Universe to life in the Marvel VS System Trading Card Game. Enlist heroes and villains such as Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, Magneto and Dr. Doom and battle to victory. Build your teams, build your decks and challenge the best players in the world on the UDE Professional Trading Card Game Tournament Circuit!
Naruto Collectible Card Game#8: NARUTO COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME - Master the art of the ninja in a world engulfed by chaos, fear, and vengeance to become the Hokage.
Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game#9: DRAGON BALL Z TRADING CARD GAME - Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game! Build your Fighter and rush into the biggest fight of all time! Will Saiyans seize the Earth, or will Goku rise to the challenge? Knock someone through a mountain and find out! Jump into the Battle of the Saiyans! Fight as Goku, Raditz, Vegeta and more! Choose your fighter, train him to perfection and then Power Up and Fight!
Star Wars Customizable Card Game#10: STAR WARS CUSTOMIZABLE CARD GAME - The Star Wars Universe comes alive as the Rebel Alliance battles the unrelenting power of the Galactic Empire.
Complete List of Trading Card Games
>7th Sea
>American Idol
>Austin Powers
>Babylon 5
>Battle Spirits
>Battlestar Galactica
>Bella Sara
>Bionicle Masks
>Bionicle Toa Nuva
>Blue Dragon
>Boy Crazy!
>Buffy Vampire Slyr
>Call of Cthulhu
>Case Closed
>Codename KND
>DC OverPower
>DC VS System
>Digimon Digi-Battle
>Dinosaur King
>Dragon Ball
>Dragon Ball GT
>Dragon Ball Z CCG
>Dragon Ball Z TCG
>Dragon Booster
>Duel Masters
>Duel Monsters
>Eye of Judgment
>Free Realms
>Fruits Basket
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>G.I. Joe
>Game of Thrones
>Gundam War
>Harry Potter
>High Stakes Drifter
>Hyborian Gates
>Jedi Knights
>Jim Lee C-23
>King of Fighters
>Kingdom Hearts
>Knights of Zodiac
>Legend Five Rings
>Lord of the Rings
>Magi-Nation Duel
>Magic Gathering
>Marvel OverPower
>Marvel Recharge
>Marvel Ult Battles
>Marvel Vs. System
>MLB Showdown
>MLB Topps Attax
>Mortal Kombat
>Mystical Empire
>NBA Adrenalyn XL
>NFL Adrenalyn XL
>NFL Showdown
>NFL Topps Attax
>NHL Puck Attax
>One Piece
>Ophidian 2350
>Pirates of Caribbean
>Pocket Monsters
>Racing Challenge
>Sailor Moon
>SD Gundam
>Shaman King
>Sonic X
>Speed Racer
>Star Trek
>Star Trek Card Gm
>Star Wars CCG
>Star Wars TCG
>Street Fighter
>Teen Titans
>TMNT Turtles
>Tomb Raider
>UFS System
>Vampire: TES
>Vs. System
>WCW Nitro
>Wheel of Time
>Winx Club
>Wizard in Training
>World of Warcraft
>WWE Raw Deal
>WWE Slam Attax
>WWF Raw Deal
>Xiaolin Showdown
>Young Jedi
>Yu Yu Hakusho
>Zatch Bell!
Complete List of Collectible Miniatures Games
>Axis & Allies
>B5 A Call to Arms
>Clout Fantasy
>Creepy Freaks
>D&D Heroscpe
>D&D Minis
>DC HeroClix
>Gregory Horror
>Halo ActionClix
>Indy HeroClix
>Mage Knight
>Marvel HeroClix
>MLB SportsClix
>Pirates of Caribbean
>Race Day
>Star Wars Minis
>Star Wars Pocket
>Starship Troopers
>World of Warcraft
Complete List of Roleplaying Games
>B5 A Call to Arms
>Babylon 5
>Lord of the Rings
>Star Trek
>Star Wars
>Starship Troopers
>WWE Wrestling
Complete List of Non-Sports Trading Cards and Stickers
>Aliens vs. Predator
>American Idol
>Babylon 5
>Battlestar Galactica
>Bench Warmer
>Buffy Vampire Slyr
>DC Universe
>Disney Cards
>Disney Stickers
>Disney Treasures
>Dragon Ball Z
>Dungeons & Drgns
>Elvis Presley
>Fantastic Four
>Fantasy Art Cards
>G.I. Joe
>Garbage Pail Kids
>Hannah Montana
>Harry Potter Cards
>Harry Potter Stickers
>High Schl Musical
>Hot Wheels
>I Love Lucy
>Incredible Hulk
>Indiana Jones
>Indie Comics
>Iron Man
>James Bond 007
>Justice League
>Lady Death
>Looney Tunes
>Lord of the Rings
>Mad Magazine
>Mage Knight
>Marilyn Monroe
>Marvel Universe
>Pokemon Cards
>Pokemon Stickers
>Power Rangers
>Simpsons Cards
>Simpsons Stickers
>Sonic X
>Speed Racer
>Star Trek
>Star Wars
>TMNT Turtles
>Veronica Mars
>Wacky Packages
>Other Trading Cards
>Other Stickers
Complete List of Sports Cards and Games
>Auto Racing Cards
>Baseball Cards
>Basketball Cards
>Bowling Cards
>Boxing Cards
>Bull Riding Cards
>Extreme Sprts Cards
>Football Cards
>Golf Cards
>Hockey Cards
>Lacrosse Cards
>MLB Showdown
>MLB SportsClix
>MLB Topps Attax
>Multi Sports Cards
>NBA Adrenalyn XL
>NFL Adrenalyn XL
>NFL Showdown
>NFL Topps Attax
>NHL Puck Attax
>Olympics Cards
>Poker Cards
>Race Day
>Racing Challenge
>Soccer Cards
>Tennis Cards
>TNA Wrstlng Cards
>UFC Fighting Cards
>WCW Nitro
>WCW Wrstlng Cards
>WWE Raw Deal
>WWE Slam Attax
>WWE Wrstlng Cards
>WWF Raw Deal
>XFL Football Cards
New at

Yugioh: Dragunity Arma Leyvaten (UR) SDDL-EN001 (1st Edition)Dragunity Arma Leyvaten (UR) SDDL-EN001 (1st Edition) $7.60

Yugioh! 5D's: Dragunity Legion Structure Deck (40 cards) (1st Edition)Yugioh! 5D's: Dragunity Legion Structure Deck (40 cards) (1st Edition) $10.99

Ultra-Pro: 4-Pocket Portfolio - Let's Duel Monte Diamond Dragon (10 pages)Ultra-Pro: 4-Pocket Portfolio - Let's Duel Monte Diamond Dragon (10 pages) $6.99

Legend of the Five Rings: Reign of Blood Booster Pack (11 cards)Legend of the Five Rings: Reign of Blood Booster Pack (11 cards) $0.99

The Top Cow Universe: Trading Cards Pack (7 cards)The Top Cow Universe: Trading Cards Pack (7 cards) $1.99

Yugioh! 5D's: Game Mat - Dragunity Legion VersionYugioh! 5D's: Game Mat - Dragunity Legion Version $0.99

Yugioh! 5D's: Official Rulebook Version 7.2Yugioh! 5D's: Official Rulebook Version 7.2 $0.99

> Dragunity Arma Mystletainn (SR) SDDL-EN002 (1st Edition) $7.60
> Dragunity Aklys (SR) SDDL-EN003 (1st Edition) $7.60
> Dragunity Dux (C) SDDL-EN004 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Legionnaire (C) SDDL-EN005 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Tribus (C) SDDL-EN006 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Darkspear (C) SDDL-EN007 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Militum (C) SDDL-EN008 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Primus Pilus (C) SDDL-EN009 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Brandistock (C) SDDL-EN010 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragunity Javelin (C) SDDL-EN011 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Mist Valley Falcon (C) SDDL-EN012 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Garuda the Wind Spirit (C) SDDL-EN014 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Flying Kamakiri #1 (C) SDDL-EN015 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Spear Dragon (C) SDDL-EN016 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Twin Headed Behemoth (C) SDDL-EN017 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Armed Dragon LV3 (C) SDDL-EN018 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Armed Dragon LV5 (C) SDDL-EN019 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Masked Dragon (C) SDDL-EN020 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragon Ravine (C) SDDL-EN021 (1st Edition) $2.70
> Dragon Mastery (C) SDDL-EN022 (1st Edition) $0.45
> United We Stand (C) SDDL-EN023 (1st Edition) $2.52
> Dragon's Gunfire (C) SDDL-EN025 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Stamping Destruction (C) SDDL-EN026 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Creature Swap (C) SDDL-EN027 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Monster Reincarnation (C) SDDL-EN028 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Card Destruction (C) SDDL-EN030 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Windstorm of Etaqua (C) SDDL-EN031 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Relieve Monster (C) SDDL-EN032 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Legacy of Yata Garasu (C) SDDL-EN033 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Final Attack Orders (C) SDDL-EN034 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Dragon's Rage (C) SDDL-EN036 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi (C) SDDL-EN038 (1st Edition) $0.45
> Star Wars: Tatooine Booster Pack (11 cards) (Limited Edition) $4.99
> Yugioh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time Movie Pack (5 cards) $4.99
> Magic: Mirrodin Besieged Battle Cries Intro Pack (75 cards) $11.99
> Magic: Mirrodin Besieged Doom Inevitable Intro Pack (75 cards) $11.99
> Magic: Mirrodin Besieged Mirromancy Intro Pack (75 cards) $11.99
> Magic: Mirrodin Besieged Path of Blight Intro Pack (75 cards) $11.99
> Legend of the Five Rings: The Dead of Winter The Crane Clan Deck (84 cards) $8.99
> Legend of the Five Rings: The Dead of Winter The Mantis Clan Deck (84 cards) $8.99
> Legend of the Five Rings: The Dead of Winter The Spider Clan Deck (84 cards) $8.99
> Malefic Red Eyes B. Dragon (SCR) YMP1-EN001 (Limited Edition) $4.75
> Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon (SCR) YMP1-EN002 (Limited Edition) $2.85
> Malefic Parallel Gear (SCR) YMP1-EN003 (Limited Edition) $1.90
> Malefic Rainbow Dragon (SCR) YMP1-EN005 (Limited Edition) $3.80
> Junk Gardna (SCR) YMP1-EN006 (Limited Edition) $2.85
Best Sellers
#1: The King of Fighters 2006 and Samurai Shodown 5: UFS Flames of Fame Booster Pack (10 cards) $0.99
#2: Magic: Seventh 7th Edition Bomber Theme Deck (40 cards) $3.99
#3: MLB Showdown: 2004 Two-Player Starter Game (40 cards) $5.99
#4: Magic: Coldsnap Booster Pack (15 cards) $5.99
#5: MLB SportsClix: 2004 Starter Set 1 (9 minis) $10.99
#6: Pokemon: Skyridge Mind Machine Theme Deck (61 cards) $9.99
#7: Ultra-Pro: Gallery Deck Protectors - Larry Elmore Riding (50 sleeves) $2.99
#8: Magic: Seventh 7th Edition Decay Theme Deck (40 cards) $3.99
#9: Magic: Seventh 7th Edition Infestation Theme Deck (40 cards) $3.99
#10: Yugioh: Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow (C) RGBT-EN012 (Unlimited Edition) $0.54

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